About MiTek Machinery
MiTek's Machinery Division is located in St. Charles, Missouri, not far from MiTek's headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri. The MiTek Machinery Division manufactures the industrial equipment that you use to build your trusses.


We have recently undergone a widespread review of our manufacturing and documentation techniques to make our processes more consistent and efficient. Because of the emphasis on quality and repeatability in our own manufacturing process, you can be sure to have quality and repeatablility when manufacturing your trusses and panels with MiTek equipment.

MiTek offers the most productive machines and the most choices in the industry. The Cyber®A/T component saw is still the leader in automation. More recently, MiTek improved upon the legacy of our exising equipment to create the trackless RoofTrackerroof truss roller press with slotted-top tables. We worked closely with Turb-O-Web® when designing the ElipSaw® to create the most efficient and highest quality Turb-O-Webs available. Our platen press line now boasts the trackless AutoPress14TL featuring two different pressure modes and an array of safety and easy-maintenance features.
With the addition of the Tee-Lok® line of equipment in 2002, and Pacific Automation, Production Conveyor Systems, and The Koskovich Copmpany in 2004, there are more equipment choices available for truss plants, all designed with the most important thing in mind: productivity.
MiTek Machinery Division also offers extensive truss industry experience in all departments, including Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales, and Customer Service.  You will be hard-pressed to find the same level of experience with any other truss machinery manufacturer.
And, of course, MiTek is always researching new technology. The truss industry has changed dramatically in the past ten years, and MiTek has pioneered many of those changes. We will continue to be proactive in searching out new technology and to react to customer feedback to continually improve our equipment.
The MiTek Machinery Division continually evaluates how to add more value to our machinery and to improve your productivity. Everything we do is designed to give you Power to Perform.

 This page last modified on 9/2/2009