Auto 8/10
Pacific Automation's Roof and Floor Press
The Auto 8/10 offers extremely fast pressing and travel times. Its powerful 50-ton pressing capacity, and easy-to-use jig hardware make it an ideal choice for smaller trusses, hips, jacks, and floor trusses. Setup is simple and quick. Single joystick control makes for easy machine operation. Plus, the Auto 8/10 handles 2x4 and 4x2 trusses with no adjustment. Auto 8/10 comes complete with roof truss jigging. Its J-Slot table top is available in wood, plastic, or all steel.



The Auto 8/10 is available in lengths of 40' and 45'. No installation is required and the platen is 1-1/4" welded steel which resists deflection and ensures proper plate seating. The system is run by a 15-hp hydraulic system that is trouble free and made with heavy-duty components for a smooth, efficient operation.


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