MiTek Training 

MiTek Industries SA (Pty) Ltd, a nationally accredited provider of skills programmes for the development and application of MiTek products and software.
MiTek has full institutional accreditation through the Forestry Industry Education Training Authority (FIETA) under the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).
Training Room
Please book your delegates onto the courses as early as possible as space is limited.
Customers must provide for travel, accommodation and other sundry expenses: Mitek will provide a light lunch and refreshments each day. Please let us know when booking should you have any special dietary requirements.

Each delegate will be required to bring the following items:

   -   P.C. - computer 'box' (relevant MiTek software installed)
   -   A calculator with Trig. Functions (Tan., Cosine etc.)
Should you be unable to take up a place that has been booked please let us know timeously. Naturally circumstances are sometimes such that this is not possible, however with delegates on waiting lists for some of our courses we will appreciate your assistance so that we may accommodate as many people as possible.
If you require any assistance with booking accommodation please contact the relevant branch well in advance as the hotels in the main centres tend to be very full.
Please make arrangements for your delegates to settle their own hotel accounts.


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