Introduction To MI2000 Course Schedule
This three-day course is an introduction to MI2000 and Basic Engineering for beginners in the Truss Industry.

Requirements before enrolling on course

* A minimum of two months experience in a trussplant environment, which should include - getting familiar with truss terminology, visits to sites, time in the factory observing the manufacture of trusses, interpretation of architectural plans.
* Delegates should have read SABS 0243 and be familiar with the contents of the MiTek Handbook.
Day 1
Introdution to MiTek
Basic Engineering
- Parts of a Truss
- Parts of A Roof
- Units
- Design Codes
- Loads
- Application of Loads
- Grading of Timber (Video)
- Tension Members
- Compression Members
Trigonometry For Trussplants
eCo Products Presentation 
Day 2 
Introduction to MI2000 System
- Graphic Roof
- Truss Design
- Sundries and Quotations
Browse Data Files
Hints Documents
Riot Act
Day 3
Structural Stability of Roofs
- Interpretation of Job Sheets
- Plate Positioning Charts
- Equipment and Transportation Limitations
- E Fink Labour Pricing Method