MI2000 Intermediate Course Schedule
This two-day course is an introduction to MI2000 Truspac and Basic Timber Engineering principles.

Requirements before enrolling on course

* Successful completion of the Basic Course (i.e. minimum 70% for each section of the assessment)
* Followed by a minimum of four months hands on use of the MI2000 program

Day 1
- General
- Stress Grading
- Dead Loads & Live Loads
- Inaccessible Roof Live Loads
- Modification Factors
- Calculation of Uniform Loads
- Calculation of Reactions
- Loading Tables
- Transfer of Loads
Effective Lengths
Design Members
- Tension
- Compression
Tables (From SABS 0163)
Design Assumptions
Minimum Design Information
Introduction to Truspac
- Help Screens
- Hot Keys
- Setup and Design
- New Ext. Config
- Std. Trusses / Specify Type
- Stub-back and Cantilever
- Design / Optimise Design
- Saving and Restarting Hash Files
- Modify External Config
Non-Standard Configurations
- Bay Types
Day 2 
Non-Standard Configurations Cont
- Member Distribution
- Joint Co-ordinates
- Supports
- Uniform Loads
- Concentrated Loads
- Multiple Members
- Load Cases
Approval of Designs
Cases to be checked by MiTek Engineering
Structural Stability of Roofs