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Computer Hardware Requirements for
MiTek Software Suite Version 7.2.5  Workstations
These are recommended hardware requirements to effectively utilize
the application with reasonable performance expectations.
Maintaining current Windows Updates is recommended,
especially prior to upgrading to a later version of the MiTek software.

MiTek's Recommended Hardware Requirements for MiTek Software Suite w\Sapphire Structure. 

CPU:                               Quad Core 64 bit Processor
L2 Cache:                       3MB/Core

RAM:                               4.0GB

Video:                            Full support for DirectX 9; Single monitors, 1280x1024 128MB;

                                      Dual monitor, 1280x1024 256MB (Minimum 1024x768)

Free Storage:                80GB (average 6,000-8,000 jobs)

Operating Systems:       Windows® XP Pro SP3, Vista (Business Editions 32-bit only),

                                      and Windows 7 (Professional Editions 32-bit and 64-bit)

Other Performance Considerations:
Vista\Windows 7 - Windows Experience Index of 3.5 or Higher Recommended
RAM: 8.0GB is highly recommended for users designing large multifamily structures. Note this is only
  available with the 64 bit Operating System.

CPU: Quad Core 64 bit processors or higher is recommended for higher performance when running

  multiple applications simultaneously. The current series of Intel CPU’s contain more than one ‘Core’ or

  CPU on the physical chip. While MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure does not explicitly take advantage of these

  CPUs, Windows XP (and later) can effectively run separate applications on different Cores. This can

  often mean a performance increase when running multiple applications at once, when compared to an

  older “Single Core” CPU.
Hard Drive RPM: A 7200 RPM hard drive is recommended for optimal performance.

Video Card: 1.0GB is highly recommended for users designing large multifamily structures. To view

  3D models in the MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure ‘solid’ view, a video card/chipset that is compatible with

  DirectX 9 is required. Most modern systems (with current drivers) are compatible with DirectX 9. In order

  to use the advanced features of the 3D views (such as peel-away sections) the video card must be

  more than compatible with DirectX 9 – it must fully support DirectX 9. Most modern ‘dedicated’ video

  cards and some built-in ‘onboard’ video chipsets fully support DirectX 9. For example, the ‘onboard’

  Intel 945G Express Chipset on some motherboards, is compatible with, but does not fully support

  DirectX 9. On Windows Vista the video card must be WDDM compatible with a Windows Experience

  Rating index of 3.5 or greater.
Network Cards: For best performance with MiTek software, run all network cards at the same speed.

Cache Memory: MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure takes advantage of L2 CPU cache, meaning the larger

  the CPU’s cache memory, the better the performance of MiTek SAPPHIRE Structure. This is most

  notable in machines with 16MB (or better) L2 cache. These machines often outperform their faster

  clocking but smaller L2 cache counterparts.

DVD ROM Drives: Installation of the MiTek Suite requires a DVD player, or access to a network that

  has a DVD player.

These recommendations are based on the assumption that the designer is pointing to a local area

  network for all jobs, settings, defaults, etc. and is creating 3-6 new jobs per day. Archiving of jobs

  occurs every 6 to 12 months.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     27 July 2010 

 This page last modified on 8/9/2010