MiTek's steel connector plates are simply the best in the industry.
When you combine nail values, high-quality test-substantiated steel values, and packaging options available only from MiTek, the result is the best connector plate package in the industry.
Our commitment to availability is second to none. we have multiple manufacturing facilities and warehouses committed to delivering you the products you need when and where you need them. Our reliability for delivery is industry-renowned and our quick order turnaround keeps you responsive to the demands on your business.
MiTek also offers customers the ability to order their plates and machinery parts on-line. The MiTek eStore is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, with expedited shipment available. Registration is quick, at our eStore home page.
No other supplier keeps your production line running as consistently and reliably as MiTek does.
Additional Information:
The Stabilizer® is a truss brace that provides construction bracing in the roof and ceiling planes, as well as permanent lateral bracing for webs as specified by your truss engineer.
We are the exclusive distributor of USP Structural ConnectorsTM (United Steel Products Company) to the wood component industry.
The Posi-Strut® metal web system provides longer clear spans for design fexibility and an open web design for easy plumbing and electrical installation.
The MITEK anti-split plates reduces splitting and checking in the tie end grain of railroad ties and bridge timbers, extending the lift of those components.

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