What is PlanTek?
Working with digital plans is not futuristic, it's here, and your company should take advantage of its benefits now! 
PlanTek is a network ready, digital plan management system which virtually eliminates the need for paper plans.
PlanTek was developed from the ground up to work with the MiTek software and is integrated with MiTek eFrame Layout and Panel.
Using a dedicated screen as the plan monitor, it quickly becomes a natural extension of a high performance component technician's workstation. 

  • Plan Organization - Easy retrieval and navigation of digital plans.
  • Integrated with MiTek eFrame - Draw walls quickly and easily using the same hotkeys you are familiar with.
  • Network Ready - Load and save any plan from the network.
  • Portable - Working with remote employees has just become easier with PlanTek.
  • Scanner available - Need a scanner? MiTek can provide the best scanner for the job. 
  • Overlay pages - Stack plan pages or overlay your layout on the floor plan for fast and accurate visualization checks.
  • Bookmarks - Rapid navigation is achieved by zooming in and saving bookmarks. Once saved, they are only a click away from the PlanTek desktop.
  • Scale Plans - Easily scale plan by clicking two points and entering the dimension.
  • Measure anything - Once scaled, any dimension is only two clicks away.
  • Pitch Finder - Find unknown pitches by clicking two points along the roof line.
  • Built-in Digitizer - Find areas, lineal footages, and counts with a few clicks.
Working with plans just got better.
Get PlanTek today.
Sales and Support is provided by:
Techra Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 90970
Henderson, NV 89002
Phone: (866)377-4140
Fax: (866)298-2043
If you wish to fax in your request, download the form.
Need a scanner?
Special pricing is available for the PlanTek scanner. This is the scanner used to develop the PlanTek software, ensuring the highest level of compatibility and problem free operation. 
If you would like a PlanTek scanner quote, click here.

 This page last modified on 11/6/2006