Floor Truss Stacker Specifications

Physical Data

  • Components: Floor Stacker, truss receiving stands, powered conveyor, electrification systems   

Performance Data

  • 40-second cycle time
  • 1,200 lb capacity
  • Minimum truss width: 9' 1/4"
  • Maximum truss width: 24" if stacking three high
  • Stacks truss lengths from 10' to 40'
  • Minimum stack thickness: 3-1/2" (1 truss)
  • Maximum stack thickness: 48"
  • Stacks trusses one, two, or three high for the most efficient configuration available


  • Automatically indexes for each truss 
  • Reduces risk of injury commonly found in banding and manual stacking procedures
  • Improves material flow throughout the floor truss fabrication process
  • Reduces truss damage
  • Improves packaging operations
  • A truss stop tells the stacker when the truss is in position
  • Maximizes limited floor space with an end-eject system

Electrical Data

  • Voltage: 208/230/460 VAC
  • FLA plus control amps: 8.0/7.2/3.6 amps
  • Equipment disconnect protection: 10/10/5 amps

Safety Data

  • Emergency stop
  • Bilingual safety labels
  • Powered Stand-Alone Conveyors
  • Conveyor in parking area to stack trusses shorter than 10'
Machine specifications subject to change without notice.

 This page last modified on 10/15/2007