Available in several depths, the open floor SpaceJoist system by Jager Metal Products allows for easy  installation of electrical wires, mechanical systems and plumbing. Its broad nailing surface and its top chord bearing end details allow for quick and economic installation.


The SpaceJoist can be fabricated with an adjustable end or made in lengths according to your specific needs. This floor system assures you have an economic and competitive floor without compromise.



· Fabricated with dry wood (does not twist or shrink).

· Broad nailing surface for attaching the sub-floor.

· Light weight due to the use of diagonals made of galvanized steel.

· Fabricated and made to order for custom plans assures speed of installation.

· Top chord bearing detail allows for fastening to a beam without a hanger.

· Open space concept for wire's, ducts, mechanical and plumbing pipes.

· Possibility of slope use for cathedral ceilings.

· Adjustable Ends available if needed.

· Conforms to the vibration criteria of CCMC (report 1997).



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