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Jager Metal Products is the sole Canadian distributor of the ONLINE Plus program created by Robbins Engineering an American company. This state of the art software allows the structural analysis to be run based on the Canadian or American codes for roof and floor trusses.

Online Plus integrated layout and engineering program is entering a new era. We are adding more tools each release to cut down the "I have to remember items" to do when the trusses are taken to engineering. Things like point loads and splices and cosmetic fillers can already be done in Layout. The unlimited ability to preset mark names by truss type has sped that process up for designers. Our next release we will be able to put in distributed loads and specify all gable types including dropped gables. The new truss synchronization tool has been improved so that the trusses are being reflected in Job Manager and Layout. We have improved finding trusses on large layouts and provided a tool so that the designer would know what trusses have already been engineered.

The Engineering program is also moving in the direction of less design time for trusses. The new truss interface allows the user to change truss types quickly without losing any information. You can quickly stub or cantilever the truss now in the new interface. Specials and floor truss ends are also much easier to do in the new interface. Automatically naming the next truss based on the last truss created when inputting trusses from scratch was requested by many designers. The "copy webbing" tool makes it much easier to line up webs from one truss type to the next. Our next release will have our new jig table interface with multiple trusses.

We are committed to decreasing designer time and increasing user friendliness with each release of our product. We are a market driven company who listens to our customers needs.

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