SpaceJoist for Windowstm
(Certain conditions do apply and application usage may support a recurring cost or charge.)
SpaceJoist for Windows was specifically designed for analyzing the SpaceJoist system created by Jager Metal Products in simple or multiple spans. It produces analysis drawings, span tables, lists of materials and cost lists. The SpaceJoist floor system is available in six different depths.
The analysis is based on the Limit State Design Code (CSA LSD) according to the specifications of the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) and vibration criteria of CCMC. Analysis can be performed according to American working stress design (NDS WSD) as required by BOCA, ICBO and SBCCI codes.
This program developed by Jager Metal Products uses a graphic interface to simplify the input of data by the user. Click on the upper tab, fill in the required information and in some easy stages you will acquire a paper copy of the analysis results as well as information for manufacturing the product.
N.B. This software is exclusively offered to our producers of the SpaceJoist system.


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