By coordinating a solid network of independent manufacturers Jager Metal Products deliver solutions. Through objective research we provide Independent Production Solutions for your unique set of needs.

From the single blade compound or linear saws through production delivery systems to complete truss and wall fabrication equipment we provide integrated solutions that are supported by Jager Metal and our Independent Partners.

Results from a 2002 housing “Think Tank” reports that in order to provide sustainable and affordable housing to three quarters of the population we must:


  • Industrialize the Home Building Process - Apply manufacturing processes and technologies, many of which have already been proven in other industries to achieve higher levels of production efficiency.


  • Improve the Constructability of Houses - Develop the system science and perform analysis and engineering that will make houses easier to construct, reduce labour content, reduce material costs, and improve quality, durability, and safety.


  • Move More of the Home Building Process into the Factory - Perform more of the building process in a factory where it is easier to control the process and to use information technology and robotics.

Jager Metal Products has taken great care to develop partnerships with independent equipment manufacturers that share common goals and beliefs. As a group we are committed to providing production solutions through technology and pride of ownership. Together we deliver right-size solutions for your production needs today along with a commitment to innovation through research and development to meet increasing requirements for productivity.

The machinery sales and support strategy will implement a single point of contact along with regional sales and support professionals. Together we will discuss and review your requirements, enlist the expertise of our machinery partners and provide solutions that work. Jager Metal Products will be there to work with you during the installation and training of a single piece of equipment to the complete integration of your entire production facility. 

 The commitment of our sales professional does not end with the installation. They are there to provide sales and software support, onsite training along with market research on innovative production and fabrication opportunities. 

We strive to earn your business one piece at a time.


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