General information:

eCo Tibond, the continuous lug system, has been designed to overcome the problems associated with bonding brick in-fill panels to concrete or steel. Existing methods are inconsistent and difficult to control. eCo Tibond replaces these with a fully controlled and adaptable system. Being continuous, eCo Tibond permits ready supervision of lug bonding and is labour saving in comparison with conventional practices. Each brick course is marked clearly on the eCo Tibond strip indicating the brick gauge. This results in accurate and controlled course levels. These advantages of safety and cost savings will benefit architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and contractors. Even the Do-It-Yourself person will find time saving uses for eCo Tibond when he requires to bond new brick walls to existing structures or walls.


The eCo Tibond system consists of a continuous galvanised mild steel strip 1360mm long, 40mm wide and 1,6mm thick. Each strip is profile cut to give 4 pairs of lugs. 305mm long at 340mm centres, i.e. at every fourth course of 85mm gauge brickwork. For the 1360mm length, there are 4 bond lugs for 16 courses of brickwork. Each course of 85mm is marked clearly on the strip. For fixing purposes the strips are pre-drilled with four 4mm diameter holes at 340mm centres.


ECo Tibond has been tested by the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Natal – Durban, and the results are available on request.

Method of Fixing