A few Stabilizer® comments from truss
manufacturers and framers

“We are strong Stabilizer® brace advocates.  Anytime you can offer customers a product that makes their job safer and easier and is so cost effective, you have a genuine win/win situation.”
Ted Toppan
Quick Build Truss Co., Inc.
Swansea MA
“SPEED, SPEED, SPEED … MiTek® Stabilizer braces allow me to set and brace the trusses as I go, not to mention the prep time they save (no cutting & hauling temporary bracing lumber).”
Rod Poland
Poland Construction Corp.
Bristol RI
“Most all of our contractor customers see Stabilizer braces as an essential part of their truss setting jobs … and have asked that they be included in every truss order. They save them time, labor, and expense.”
Dave Scott
Ballard Truss Inc.
Snowflake AZ
“Our contractor customers genuinely appreciate the quality & performance of Stabilizer braces.  Most have used other products … many will not install a roof system without them. They feel that the time saved, coupled with the quality of the product and the finished job, far offsets their price.”
Steven Schaeffel
Manion Lumber & Truss
Pillager MN


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