MatchPoint Planx TM
Precision Jigging System
The MatchPoint PlanxTM precision jigging system is an automated, highly accurate jigging system. It allows rapid jigging of many different roof truss configurations, increasing productivity by reducing setup time. The user-friendly interface allows trusses to be previewed and positioned in any location or orientation on the tables.
The bolt-on planks feature offset jigging pucks, which secure chords just where needed and just how needed. Both of a plank's pucks, which operate independently, can be positioned on either the top or bottom chord. For example, pucks can be positioned on the top side of a top chord on both sides of a pitch break. Jigging pucks can travel full table, top to bottom, within inches of a table's edge. One or both pucks can be positioned inside chords using manual switches for specialty jigging jobs.

Multiple setups can be easily controlled from one central operator console. The MatchPointTM software imports Jet SetTM and Virtek® files from CyberSortTM software and other major design software to allow quick setup of multiple truss configurations. Simply select the truss you wish to jig, position and preview it on the computer screen, and MatchPoint will jig the truss for you!
Under-plank-mounted mechanisms allow debris to fall between planks, without risk of damage to moving parts.
Safety features on every machine include a master E-stop on the operator console. 





The Planx system can be ordered with blank steel planks, allowing you to reconfigure your jigging system at any time. Simply relocate or add more automated planks at will.  
Automated planks can be spaced at almost any interval on the table, allowing you to configure a system with almost any jigging concentration. With 8" wide planks and 2' on center spacing, pucks will be only 15" apart from one plank to the next; with 4' on center spacing, pucks will be only 39" apart.
The table system can be ordered with either Walk-ThroughTM or continuous-top tables, with conventional rigid welded table tops. Multiple gantry heads or a Virtek TrussLine® laser imaging system can be used to further increase the efficiency of the system.


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