MatchPoint PLANX Specifications
Physical Data
  • 2 pucks per plank
  • Offset pucks
  • Puck size: 2" diameter
  • Plank width: 6", 8", and 10" available, table manufacturer may limit available sizes
Performance Data
  • Puck setup time: Approx. 15-30 seconds
  • Closest puck proximity to other pucks: 15" with 8"-wide planks, 2' on center; 39" with 8"-wide planks, 4' on center
  • Controls: PC with Windows® XP and MatchPointTM software  
  • MatchPoint software reports setup times, number of setups, and truss production
  • MatchPoint software imports Jet SetTM and Virtek® files from MiTek engineering and CyberSort® software
  • Manual controls on table
  • Horsepower rating: 1/3 hp, per Planx assembly
  • Servo positioning

Electrical Data

  • Voltage: 208/240 VAC
  • Amperage capacity required per distribution box (for four Planx assemblies): 20 amps 
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • 3-phase
Safety Data
  • Emergency stop on console
  • CE certified available
  • Work place noise level (Work Cycle): 82.6 dB
  • Can be used with RoofTrackerTM or RoofGlider® gantry head
  • Can be used with Virtek® laser projection system for optimal performance
  • Retrofit available for most existing tables manufactured by MiTek or other companies - whether Planx ReadyTM or not
Machine specifications subject to change without notice.

 This page last modified on 2/24/2010