Aisle Covers for STT TM Tables
Create a Continuous-Top Table Line
If your work processes require your roof truss assemblers to be on top of the table, and they are not benefiting from MiTek's innovative Walk-Through™  aisles, then you may want to consider using aisle covers to create a continuous-top table line for your MiTek® roof truss presses. An aisle cover eliminates the need to use an aisle pad when a connector plate is to be located over an aisle. It is a flat steel surface that covers up the Walk-Through aisle, and it is completely flush with the surrounding tables. The MiTek aisle cover integrates perfectly with all STT tables so any connector plates located on aisle covers are still pressed perfectly every time.

For systems with MiTek MatchPoint precision jigging system, the aisle cover has automated jigging built into it. For systems without MatchPoint jigging, the aisle cover is slotted for use with our Tekset jigging.  



All STT roof truss press table lines offer side-eject, end-eject, auto-eject, and high-slope auto-eject ejection systems. These options are still available if purchasing aisle covers with your new table line.


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