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Our long year track record in the truss plate industry, combined with an impressive history of leading edge software development from OnLine Data (now part of the OnLine Plus family), make our software solutions stand far above the competition.  And because truss design and management software is a key factor in the successful operation of your business, continuous software enhancements are a top priority at OnLine Plus.  As we enter the new millenium, our commitment to customer satisfaction has never been stronger!

Designed to meet the most challenging needs of the truss plant, OnLine Plus offers two Windows® based programs:

OnLine Plus

  • True 32-bit application (for Windows® 95 - 98 - Me-2000 –XP).
  • Provides engineering drawings for roof and floor trusses.
  • Analyzes any roof or floor regardless of design complexity.
  • Job Manager, Loading Wizard, New Truss Assistant and automatic truss sets are fast and easy to use.


  • Integrated management information system for truss fabricators.
  • Job costing.
  • Share information between departments.
  • Complete job tracking from quote through final billing.
  • Customer profiles.

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