In the 1989 Design & Development Competition, sponsored by the S.A.B.S., the eCo Gumbou Building System won two prestigious awards.

eCo Gumbou construction brackets are metal connectors for round-pole timber structures. The brackets enable timber structures to be erected rapidly with strong, reliable joints, and without affecting the efficiency of the preservation treatment of the timber.

Conventional jointing techniques are inefficient. Simple nailed or bolted joints may only develop 15% of the strength of the connected members. The commonly used half-lap joint, for instance, reduces the strength by some 50%.


a)   eCo Gumbou Construction Brackets are pressed from a 1,6mm mild steel sheet, and painted with a neutral corrosive-resistant coating.
b) Thicker brackets can be manufactured on request.
c) There are three basic construction brackets (nos. 1, 2, 3).
d) Two additional brackets (nos. 4, 5), which are right-angled, are commonly used in many structures.
e) All these brackets, with the exception of the No. 5 bracket, are fixed to poles by 65mm long drive-screws and are generally only used with smaller-diameter poles.

  • Create very sturdy, fully integrated units with incredibly strong joints.
  • Assembly is done with just a hammer and a spanner, without using any power tools.
  • As long as standard timder lengths are used, no sawing, notching, cutting or drilling is needed.
  • No skilled labour is required.
  • Design parameters are very varied and flexible.
  • Construction time is decreased.
  • Full pole warranty is maintained.

The Gumbou Components

Typical Applications