Auto Press 14/16 LT

Purpose-built for Commercial and Agricultural Truss Systems

The Auto Press 14/16LT is a light duty, gantry-style hydraulic press purpose-built for commercial and agricultural applications. The easily expandable table design accommodates additional truss set-ups. The Auto Press 14/16LT is compatible with the Auto Roll 14TR Head.

Quick and Efficient Pressing

Standard features include built-in ejectors for effortless truss removal, single joystick control and roof truss jigging with optional table configuration for computerized jigging. Designed for quick and efficient pressing, the Auto Press 14/16LT does not subject trusses to any lateral loading during pressing.

Heavy Duty Construction

Designed to work in conjunction with our Auto Roll finish press, the Auto Press 14/16LT is powered by a heavy duty 15 HP hydraulic system. The simple linkage system transmits the 50 tons of pressing force while the 1.5” welded steel platen and 1” steel table top provide a rigid pressing surface for maximum pressing efficiency.
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Auto Press Lt 14/16
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