Auto Press 14/16 RT

Purpose-built for Commercial and Agricultural Truss Systems

The Auto Press 14/16RT is a light duty, gantry-style hydraulic press purpose-built for commercial and agricultural applications. With the same expandable table design, convenient features and no load pressing as the Auto Press 14/16LT models, the Auto Press 14/16RT features the added safety of a raised track design.

Unique Raised Track Design

Designed to eliminate the safety hazards associated with conventional machines, the Auto Press 14/16RT features a unique ‘raised track’. Instead of resting on the floor, the track is securely tucked under the table allowing operators to stand and work flush with the table edge.

Heavy Duty Construction

Designed to work in conjunction with our Auto Roll finish press, the Auto Press 14/16RT is powered by a heavy duty 15 HP hydraulic system. The simple linkage system transmits the 50 tons of pressing force while the 1.5” welded steel platen and 1” steel table top provide a rigid pressing surface for maximum efficiency.
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Auto Press 14/16RT
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