Designed for Long Trusses

Specifically designed for long, single piece truss manufacturing, the unique ‘Kick Leg’ design allows the press head to travel along the floating table top. The fully integrated Auto Press 14KL includes optional roof truss jigging and expandable table design to accommodate additional truss set-ups.

Maximize Productivity

Maximize your productivity with the extremely quick pressing and travel time of the Auto Press 14KL. Featuring convenient single joystick control and quick start and stop mechanism supplied by a 4 wheel drive system, the Auto Press 14KL is designed for ease of operation and safety.

Heavy Duty Construction

Powered by a heavy duty 15 HP hydraulic system, the Auto Press 14KL design safeguards truss configuration during pressing by eliminating lateral loading. The linkage system transmits the 100 tons of pressing force for maximum efficiency while the 2” thick welded steel platen ensure consistent connector plate seating.
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