Ultra Press

Purpose-built for Modular Home Builders

Designed for the specific requirements of modular home builders, the fully integrated Ultra Press features two sliding tables that allow you to preassemble and press trusses on the table. The Ultra Press is available in 16, 18, 20 and 22 foot models with 100 or 150 ton pressing capacities.

Optimize Productivity

Designed for optimal productivity, the high output Ultra Press features a fast cycle time and efficient, fully automatic pressing cycle. Convenient dual remote control stations allow operators to control the press from both ends. Universal slider tables accommodate all types of jigging for optimum flexibility.

Heavy Duty Construction

Heavy duty construction and 2” thick pressing platen ensure consistent connector plate seating. The durable linkage system and direct drive slider tables reduce maintenance requirements. The free standing hydraulic power unit eliminates the problems associated with built-in tanks
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Ultra Press
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