Auto Roll 14/16

Fast and Efficient Finish Pressing

The Auto Roll finish press works in conjunction with our Auto Press hydraulic press systems. Changing set-ups is quick and easy as the Auto Roll requires no special adjustments to change from a 2”x4” set-up to 4”x2” set-up, and with a standard feed speed of 120 surface feet per minute, the Auto Roll is fast and efficient.

Convenient Standard Features

With rugged 24” diameter rollers and 14’ and 16’ throat options, the Auto Roll is capable of handling the largest connector plates. Standard safety features include shut-off bars, electric eyes, disc brakes, in-feed and out-feed barrier guards, and safety beacons.

Heavy Duty Construction

Powered by two heavy duty 5 HP gear motors with a reversible drive, the individually driven rollers eliminate the need for troublesome idler sprockets. Standard 3 7/16” high load ball bearings ensure machine longevity. The heavy wall 24” diameter rollers resist deflection under the most severe pressing conditions.
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Auto Roll

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