Auto Roll 14TR

Purpose-built for Truss Assembly and Pre-embedment.

Designed for truss assembly and connector plate pre-embedment, the Auto Roll 14TR features interchangeable press heads with the Auto Press LT model allowing you to integrate press and roll machinery.

Built for Maximum Efficiency

With a quick press travel time, the Auto Roll 14TR is designed to maximize productivity. Other efficiency maximizing features include built-in ejectors for effortless truss removal, and easily expandable table design that accommodates additional truss set-ups.

Heavy Duty Construction.

Powered by a heavy duty 7.5 HP motor, the Auto Roll 14TR features a soft start module that cushions the drive system for extended component life. The rugged 24” diameter roller resists deflection while the sturdy ¾” steel top tables and load transmitting bogie wheels easily seat connector plates.

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