Roof Gantry 14/16RT

Specifically Designed for Roof Trusses.

Purpose-built for roof truss manufacturing, the Roof Gantry 14/16RT is designed for truss assembly and pre-embedment of connector plates. With interchangeable press heads with the corresponding Auto Press RT model, the Roof Gantry allows for the integration of press and roller machinery.

Convenient Features for Maximum Productivity

From built-in ejectors that allow for effortless truss removal to its easily expandable table system, the Roof Gantry is designed to maximize productivity. The Roof Gantry features our unique ‘raised track’ design that eliminates potential tripping hazards by relocating the track to under the table.

Heavy Duty Construction

Powered by a heavy duty 7 ½ HP motor, the Roof Gantry features a soft start module that cushions the drive system for extended component life. Bogie wheels transmit pressing loads while sturdy ¾” steel top tables provide a rigid pressing surface ensuring quality connector plate seating.
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Roof Gantry
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