Auto Stacker Floor Truss

Purpose-Built Floor Truss Stacker

The Auto Stacker Floor Truss features a quick 30 second cycle time, automatic indexing, and an adjustable crash bar. Designed for handling floor trusses, the uniform lifting and stacking action reduces truss damage.

Minimize Truss Handling

The Floor Truss Stacker is designed to minimize truss handling requirements. Individually powered conveyor rollers eliminate truss stoppage while folding truss rack arms allow for easy truss removal. Stack floor trusses single or double high in 8’ to 40’ lengths up to 15 or 30 high depending on stack configuration.

Heavy Duty Construction

With a heavy duty stacking head and a powerful hydraulic power unit, the Floor Truss Stacker provides a smooth lifting operation. Standard features include 48” on center conveyor rollers, pillowblock bearings and taperlock sprockets.
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Auto Stacker Floor Truss
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