MiTek Link is the fastest way for designers to send and receive sealed drawings.
This web-based communication breakthrough lets the truss designer send jobs to MiTek engineers for review, and have the sealed drawings returned to them electronically. Automatic email notification allows you to download drawings the instant they are completed. Use your assigned tracking number to check the status of your job any time – or to discuss a particular aspect of the job or truss with a MiTek representative.

Access MiTek Link through any Internet connection point.

MiTek Link - List of Jobs for Download At MiTek, engineering turnaround is job
one. When you request seals via the MiTek Link program, sealed drawings are
generally available the same day in industry-standard Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.
You can download the seals at your convenience as a combined set or as
individual drawings.

 This page last modified on 9/13/2010