Designed around the powerful VersaTruss™ cutting engine, MiTek 20/20 Engineering gives users infinite control over the geometry of a particular truss. Joints fit together per the user’s instructions.
All code compliant engineering is done post-cutting, providing a reality-based approach to loading, lumber design, and connections – plus the highest level of design flexibility available.

The program accepts multiple forms of input – by shape, detail, profile, VersaTruss or driven by layout – so the vast majority of trusses can be input in seconds.

Millions of trusses have been designed with this program. It’s the easiest in the industry to learn. And many features like pre-defined shapes, built-in floor truss design, quick modification tools, tight links to 3D framing, and extensive material inventories help to make the design side perform better.
20/20 Engineering - Shapes Input
Create the most common trusses the easy way by picking a truss from
the extensive list of soft-coded truss "Shape" files.

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