Controlling the flow of paper to and on the production floor, and tracking material and labor usage via auditing paperwork, takes a lot of time and effort.
In fact, studies show that 25% or more of a designer’s time is spent preparing paperwork for the shop floor. The good news is that MiTek ShopNet virtual panel plant system is 100% paperless. With ShopNet you can streamline production processes and improve plant communication.
You can increase line efficiency by mixing sheathed and nonsheathed panels. And ShopNet even minimizes shift change problems—with the system’s “automatic parking” capabilities, when your employees start their stations, they are automatically parked where they need to be to begin their work. And best of all, using Microsoft SQL technology, your ShopNet system can grow as your needs require.
See your entire wall panel production                           ShopNet keeps track of every part in your wall 
"at a glance." The ShopNet console displays                  panel plant and makes sure they are ready
job information and status in a concise and                   and waiting exactly where the need to be for
graphical manner.                                                      optimum production

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