MiTek TrussFramer provides the truss manufacturer with amazing layout functionality with both roof and floor trusses. TrussFramer is a state-of-the-art truss layout software program with superior digital modeling.
TrussFramer Basic™, designed for the truss-only manufacturing will be included in the MiTek® 20/20® Suite. It will bring optimum truss designs and 3D editing to MiTek software users across the US.
Upgrades to MiTek TrussFramer offers the ability to create digital building models with accurate materials in the walls and floors. Component manufacturers who supply more than just trusses will want this powerful framing package upgrade on some or all of their designers' computers.
When a designer enters walls and floors, they are properly framed using a user defined database of stocked materials with current prices. So, with the framing upgrade MiTek TrussFramer is able to produce a comprehensive list of materials for walls as well as provide the ability to layout floors using conventional floor joists and iLevel EWP products.
MiTek® TrussFramer™ with Load Development,* you add wind load capability, wind uplift and vertical load distribution to the digial building model with this upgrade package.
This powerful application allows companies with professional engineers on staff to provide the value of whole house engineering services to their markets. TrussFramer allows truss designers to give customers the most effective component solutions available for their customers. 



 This page last modified on 7/16/2009