The eCo PERMfix collar nail is a nail specially designed for use with eCo sheet metal products such as Truss Hangers, Hurricane Clips, Bracing Strap, Speedbrace, etc.

The shaft is serrated as a standard ring shank nail. The robust design of the head is particularly suitable for the application and will not break off under the strain of hammering as can be the case with ordinary clout nails. The nail is yellow passivated and has MII stamped on the head for easy identification.

The nail has been tested in a laboratory under strictly controlled conditions and has proved to attain a vastly increased holding capacity over ordinary nails.

Specifications:   3,15mm diameter x 35mm Long yellow passivated mild steel.
Packaging: A: 500g pre-packs
B: 25kg boxes
Quantity: Approx. 440 nails/kg
Identification: MII marking on head and yellow passivated