We need your help!
Your professional opinion of our Stabilizer® braces, which we understand you recently tried, is the single most important part of our product evaluation. Would you please give us your honest answers to the few simple questions below?
Your Name
Company Name
1. On what type of building were Stabilizers used?
Approx. building size (roof area) in sq. ft.
2. How were the trusses on this project delivered to the plate line?
3. What do you normally use for temporary bracing when setting trusses?
If you answered OTHER, please specify:
4. How did using Stabilizers compare to your normal bracing process?
a) Easier to space trusses
b) More accurate spacing
c) Safer installation
d) Faster Installation
If "YES" approximately how much faster? (include % and/or hours saved)
e) Reduced crane time
If "YES" approximately how much saved? (include % and/or hours saved)
5. What did you use Stabilizers for? (Check all that apply)
6. Would you use Stabilizers again?
If not, why not?
Thank you for your help...it's deeply appreciated!

 This page last modified on 3/9/2007