Offer Period: January 1 2008 - December 31, 2008*
Minimum Purchase:  $      60,000
Maximum Purchase: $ 1,500,000
Buyer Qualifications: Acceptable creditworthiness as determined by MiTek or its assigns.
Payment Terms:
  • Advance Payment: First and last month's payment with order (no advance payment required for 12 month term).
  • Sales tax, freight and installation charges: Billed separately under normal terms at time of shipment.
  • Payment Options:               
o    84-Monthly Payments at 7.9% (Monthly payment = Equipment cost x .01529)*
o    72-Monthly Payments at 7.5% (Monthly payment = Equipment cost x .01709)*
o    60-Monthly Payments at 7.0% (Monthly payment = Equipment cost x .01915)*
o    48-Monthly Payments at 6.5% (Monthly payment = Equipment cost x .02350)*
o    36-Monthly Payments at 5.5% (Monthly payment = Equipment cost x .02997)*
o    24-Monthly Payments at 3.5% (Monthly payment = Equipment cost x .04296)*
o    12-Monthly Payments at 0.0% (Monthly payment = Equipment cost รท 12)**
*     Available with approved credit. First and last payments due in advance for 24 - 84 month terms.
       Any applicable taxes or freight not included.
**   Available with approved credit. No advance payment due for 12-month term.
       Any applicable taxes or freight not included.
Lease options are also available. Contact Popular Leasing for more information.
Qualifying Equipment / Manufacturers: Automated equipment manufactured or distributed by MiTek Industries, Inc., The Koskovich Company, Pacific Automation, or Virtek Corp., including:
  • Automated component saws
  • Automated linear-feed saws
  • Automated roof truss jigging systems
  • Automated component delivery systems
  • Automated roof truss laser projection systems
  • Roof truss tables, conveyers, rollers and gantry systems
  • Automated material handling equipment
  • MiTek-produced wall panel machinery, Jack Table and Light Bar

For any other questions about equipment, contact your MiTek representative

Support and Assistance: The contract price includes the following:
  • On-Site startup, check-out & testing of new equipment.
  • Operator and maintenance personnel training.
  • Technical support via the telephone and/or internet for a period of 12 months from the date of the installation.
  • Programming (firmware and software) updates for a period of 12 months from the date of the installation.
  • Spare parts are included, where applicable, as determined by participating manufacturer.
  • Full-network assistance in selling used equipment displaced by new automated equipment.
Limitations / Restrictions:
  • Cannot be combined with any other incentive program, offers, or discounts of any kind.
  • Purchaser cannot apply any credits of any kind towards loan payments due.
  • If any scheduled payment is not timely paid by the Purchaser, the interest-free period or discounted-interest-rate period, whichever is applicable, will automatically end and interest will immediately begin to accrue at the then standard financing rate applicable after the defined term. MiTek reserves the right to employ additional default remedies at its discretion.
  • One (1) purchase per buying company per location during the full term of the program.
  • Multiple items can be "packaged" and financed; but, freight, installation, sales tax, insurance, and any other ancillary charges cannot be included in the financing package.
  • Program does not extend to machinery orders requesting deferred delivery.
  • Offer valid to companies located in the United States only.
  • Program is not retroactive - equipment ordered on or before January 1, 2008 is not eligible.

* This is a limited time offer and may be modified or ended at any time by MiTek without notice.


 This page last modified on 4/15/2008