An “early” release of Version 7.0 of the MiTek Suite will be made on or about June 1, 2007. Why an “early” release? We started development on Version 7.0 last October after the release of Version 6.5. We have completed a number of features that customers will find useful, so we decided to release version 7.0 “early.”
A number of features that we have committed to including in the MiTek Suite by October are still in development, so we will be making a later Feature Release of Version 7.0 in October that will include those additional features.
Version 7.0 will include the ability to design horizontal gables, import wind zone information from TrussFramer layout, and many other features and improvements.
To take our customers responsiveness and software reliability to an even higher level, the MiTek Software Department has implemented a leading edge development process. This process has been incorporated with the release of our 7.0 suite, with the added objective of continually improving the stability of our software prior to its commercial release.

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