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In an effort to assist you with your forward planning we have pleasure in issuing you with our Training schedule for 2007.


Please book your delegates onto the courses as early as possible as space is limited.


Should you be unable to keep your booking please let us know timorously. Naturally circumstances are sometimes such that this is not possible; however, with delegates on waiting lists for some of our courses we will appreciate your assistance so that we may accommodate as many people as possible.


Requirements for acceptance onto each course


We have to make you aware of the training costs which include: training fees, hotel bills, traveling costs and time away from the office. We would like this expense to be an investment on your part & not a waste of money. In order to reap the greatest benefit from the courses it is important that you are prepared for the level of training you will receive. Therefore, we would like to make the following recommendations regarding entry requirements onto each course:


Course Description


(Inc VAT)

Entry Level Requirements

Introduction to Roof Engineering

4 days



C1 - Beginners

4 days


A minimum of two months experience in a trussplant environment, which should include - getting familiar with truss terminology, visits to sites, time in the factory observing the manufacture of trusses, interpretation of architectural plans.

Delegates should have read SANS 10243 and be familiar with the contents of the MiTek Handbook.

Delegates should have successfully completed the ITC Designer / Estimator basic course.

C2 -Intermediate

4 days


Successful completion of the Course 1 (i.e. minimum 70% for each section of the assessment) followed by a minimum of four months hands on use of the 20/20 program

C3 - Advanced

4 days


Successful completion of the Course 2 (i.e. minimum 70% for each section of the assessment), followed by a minimum of six months hands on use of Engineering.


2 days


The successful completion of the Course 1.

Ultra Span

2 days


The successful completion of the Course 1.


Booking Procedure


To ensure that booking is administrated in an efficient manner the following procedure is followed:

·         When training enquiries are received, the training schedule and booking information is forwarded to the enquirer.

·         Upon receipt of the ‘Delegate Information Form’ and ‘Proof of Payment’, a booking confirmation will be issued - no booking will be confirmed unless these documents have been received. 

·         A booking number will be issued.  The booking number is as follows:


Programme Code, Candidate Number, PC Booking (Y/N)

C1-A / 01 / Y


What you need to bring with you


Each delegate will be required to bring the following items:

·         P.C. – computer ‘box’ (relevant MiTek software installed)

·         A calculator with Trig. Functions (Tan, Cosine etc.) - all courses

·         SANS 10243 – For 20/20 Course 1 and Course 2

·         SANS 10243, SANS 10160 and SANS 10163 – For 20/20 Course 3

·         Your Bracing Details that you would receive on Course 1.


Special dietary requirements


A light lunch is served each day. Please let us know when booking should you have any special dietary requirements.




Travel and accommodation arrangements and costs remain the responsibility of the customer.  A list of accommodation venues, in and around Midrand, has been included for your reference.


This document and the training schedule can be downloaded below.


We also provide other specialized training on request e.g. Sales training and Production training. Please feel free to contact your nearest branch manager or your customer support person for more information and assistance.


Suggestions you may have regarding any aspect of our training are always welcome.


Best Regards




Cedric Juby

Customer Support Midrand

MiTek Industries S.A. Pty) Ltd.