Production Increases
The MatchPoint™ system has changed industry truss-building standards with:
  • Jigging time cut to 30 seconds average or less.
  • Trusses jigged, built and off the table in 3 – 5 minutes each.

The result is twice the output, half the labor cost per truss. What’s more, these gains are the rule, not the exception. You’ll realize them even if:

  • Your truss builders are inexperienced.
  • Every truss has to be jigged differently.
  • Your process is interrupted and resumed later.

What’s more, a single MatchPoint system table can help dramatically boost production of any other table systems you have in the same plant. Give your PLANX equipped system all of your difficult, jigging-intensive truss jobs.  That will leave only the longer runs of identical trusses for your manual tables – their production will naturally increase.  Then use your PLANX equipped system to make ‘pattern’ trusses -- the first truss in those longer truss runs – for your other tables to jig from.  Overall plant production will soar.


To get an idea of how PLANX™ assemblies would impact your plant, look at our manual-versus-automated jigging comparisons of trusses built per shift and labor costs per truss.
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