PLANX Flexibility

Bolt-on PLANX™ assemblies provide truss manufacturers with the epitome of flexibility in jigging configuration.  PLANX assemblies can be located at most any spacing interval or varied intervals (consult with your table manufacturer when ordering PLANX).  They can be relocated by exchanging positions with any bolt-on blank plank.  Similarly, systems can be enhanced with additional PLANX assemblies anytime.  They come in 6”, 8” and 10” widths to accommodate a wide variety of tables.


Configure jigging just the way you need it.

  • Concentrate jigging pucks in certain areas or space uniformly throughout the table.
  • Install automated jigging on only half of a table system and use it to make pattern trusses for the other half.
  • Use stationary, manual jigging pucks all along the bottom of the table (as a constant for bottom chords) and install a sparser amount of automated jigging PLANX.
  • Start with a small system and enhance with additional PLANX assemblies over time. 

Whatever your choice, unlike permanently installed automated jigging systems, you can always change your PLANX jigging configuration later … with a little planning up front.  You simply order your new tables (or modify your old tables) to be fitted with bolt-on blank steel planks at whatever locations you may want to install PLANX assemblies at a later time.


Low maintenance, ‘bullet-proof’ reliability

  • Tuck under PLANX mechanisms allow debris to fall through table slots – debris can’t jam or foul moving parts.
  • Rugged “built-to-take-it” components are engineered for continuous-duty-cycle performance.
  • If you ever need to remove a PLANX assembly, just replace it with a blank plank and keep on building trusses. (Software automatically adjusts to the new configuration.)
  • Built with precision-tooled high strength steels and alloys as well as function-specific synthetic composites for wear parts that are easily replaceable and long lasting.
  • Our factory technicians can control and diagnose your MatchPoint system via the Web.
  • Spare parts kit comes with every MatchPoint system at no extra charge
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Securely jig most any type, size, or complexity truss

The unique design of PLANX jigging – an independently controlled puck on each side of a plank – enables truss builders to position jigging just where it’s needed. 

  • Two pucks are never further away from each other than the width of the plank that they’re mounted on.
Measurements approximate
  • The distance from a puck on one PLANX assembly to a puck on the next PLANX assembly is always less than the on-center spacing of the PLANX themselves.
  • Any puck can be positioned on the top or bottom of the truss, inside or outside chords.  You control the positions, via software or manual switches tableside.
  • Pucks can be positioned anyplace on the table, from top to bottom – travel to within 5 -7 inches of table’s edge (maximum for industry).
  • There is rarely a need for supplemental manual jigging.


   Capture most any panel point just where needed


 This page last modified on 6/11/2008