Table Compatibility

New table or old, our brand or another brand … the MatchPoint system has you covered.


Thanks to the simplicity of the MatchPoint PLANX™ assemblies, with their bolt-on and bolt-off modularity, they can be flexibly installed on just about any table you purchase or already have. Check with your table manufacturer for details but, in general, the MatchPoint PLANX system now offers the promise of automated efficiency to just about any table:
PLANX™ Ready New Tables: Most every table manufacturer now has PLANX ready tables available. Look for the “PLANX ready” label.
PLANX™ Retrofitted Old Tables: When you retrofit your old table to become ready for PLANX assemblies, you’ll usually save about half the cost of buying new. Quite likely, more. Check with your table manufacturer to size up the full benefits of retrofitting.
We’ve designed the PLANX assemblies to work with as many existing tables as possible. It’s part of our philosophy of “step-by-step automation”, in which the maximum benefits of automation are leveraged with a minimum of expense.
Many existing tables can be retrofitted to accept PLANX (check with your table manufacturer). That’s because PLANX units are “table-independent.” They don’t rely on a certain brand of table – new or existing. This lets you tap into the benefits of automated jigging without having to buy a new table.
Of course, PLANX can also be installed on a variety of new tables, including PLANX-ready tables from MiTek and Pacific Automation, along with most other major brands.
Whether buying new tables or retrofitting old ones, make sure you always compare the total costs – that means the jigging system itself plus the cost of the installation. Because if you buy one of those other jigging systems, the table manufacturers could end up charging you thousands of extra dollars for each new table to install it.


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