Additional Equipment
Add Virtek®  Laser Imaging to MatchPointTM PLANXTM, and make your jigging even easier.

The MatchPoint™ system sets your jigging pucks in less than 30 seconds. But the one thing it doesn’t do is lay out the parts. So if you want to accelerate your truss building even more, take a look at integrating Virtek TrussLine® Laser imaging.


With a single command, a laser projects an image of the truss components and plates onto your table as PLANX assemblies jig the truss. So the position and shape of the truss joints and connector plates are crystal clear -- for even the most inexperienced truss builders. In addition, the Virtek Trussline laser system offers:                   

  • Your crew can operate the software menu from the images on the table – no need to go back to the computer console.
  • Assists with steps in bottom chords
  • Easier to spot miss-cut or wrong-size lumber
  • Your crew sees the exact size and grade of connector plates
  • Add supplemental manual jigging for unusual setups.
  • Jig a permanent bottom chord to free up automated pucks for use elsewhere.


See the content of the two TekSet hardware kits available.

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