MatchPoint™ PLANX™ System

MatchPoint™ precision automated jigging system: The new truss-building standard.


With our MatchPoint™ system, you’ll build two or three times the trusses with the same crew … in the same space … with the same size table system.  Every truss with ‘spot on’ accuracy.  Every truss job with perfectly true roof and ceiling lines.  And, for all the savings, for all the product-quality increases, experienced truss-builders are not required. 


High-speed automated saws have raised parts output in many plants, but truss assembly remains the bottleneck. MatchPoint eliminates that bottleneck. It takes the information downloaded directly from your design department, shows the truss on its computer and positions the pucks automatically. So your crews can build trusses faster than ever before, typically in 3 to 5 minutes each from start to finish..


MatchPoint has been designed to accommodate most any plant circumstance, most any table equipment.  You can install a MatchPoint system on new or old tables, a MiTek companies’ brand or another manufacturer’s brand.
The MatchPoint System
   MatchPoint PLANXassemblies:  Bolt-on steel planks, each with dual-puck assemblies and mechanisms mounted
   on their underside. They can be located at most any spacing interval. Pucks move to their positions quickly and
   automatically, directed by the computer-based information from your design department.


   MatchPoint PLANX Ready Tables:  New, specially-fitted tables available from MiTek, Pacific Automation and most
   other table manufacturers. 
   MatchPoint PLANX Table Retrofits:  Older MiTek, Pacific Automation, and other manufacturer tables modified to
   accept bolt-on PLANX assemblies.


   MatchPoint PLANX Assemblies Integrated with Laser Imaging:   Both jigs the truss and simultaneously laser
   projects images of its parts and plates on the table.


Consider the benefits. You don’t have to do any jigging teardowns between setups – pucks simply move to their next, computer-directed setup in an average of 30 seconds or less. You can jig multiple trusses simultaneously on the same PLANX equipped table. You can preview and modify the truss position on the computer console before actually positioning the parts on the table.


Now you can finance your PLANX with new interest rates from 0% to 7.9%, and periods from 12 to 84 months. Minimum purchase is now only $60,000.


Our approach to automation is simple: Take it step by step. Start by automating where you get the greatest payoff. Then expand as your automation-increased earnings grow. Our goal is to make each step compatible with the one before – and the one after.
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