Precision On-Screen Controls
Before your crew starts building a truss, use your computer screen to make sure the truss image is positioned properly on the table – for example, to avoid the aisles or fit snugly in the heel stop. Move the truss image around on the computer screen -- the puck icons automatically follow it to its new position. When the truss image is ideally situated, just give the keyboard command and the PLANX™ pucks travel to their positions on the table, exactly as you envisioned on the screen. Your crew is good to go.
Rotate It: Clockwise or counterclockwise.
Slide It: Mouse-drag the image across the screen - right or left, up or down. So you can match one end with a heel stop, for example, or line up a bottom chord with the edge of the table.
Flip It: You can flip the truss image side-to-side, or top-to-bottom. So you can position a second truss onto the same table, or get a truss closer to its corner.
Do All This With Multiple Trusses: For maximum use of your table, build more than one truss at the same time. Because you can move each truss image individually, you can figure out the best position for all of them on the same table system.
With MatchPoint software, the controls are flexible, yet precise. So your whole truss jigging and building process goes smoothly, from start to finish.
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 This page last modified on 6/11/2008