MiTek Hydra Press


Pressing technology is where MiTek machinery provides you with state of the art and industry approved solutions.


MiTek Industries offers you all the flexibility you need to grow your business.


Starting with manual operated Mark 3 C- clamp press (right) up to a full computer controlled Hydra Press (left).


MiTek Industries offers you a wide variety on pressing technology. Pick what suites your business today ...more on presses



MiTek Mark 3 Press
MiTek Cyber Saw


When it comes to sawing machinery MiTek offers robust and highly efficient equipment.


From the multi blade CNC controlled Cyber saw (left) down to the single blade EasyCut 800 Series saw, MiTek is always state of the art, first choice machinery. As your business grows through out the years of success, so the demand for sawing technology and high speed volume cutting will develop....more on saws