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New MiTek FLITCH BEAM release – sensible engineering
(posted 7 August 2007)

MiTek has employed sensible engineering with the release of the new GANG-NAIL® FBM-Medium (8mm) FLITCH BEAM which makes the FBH-Heavy (10mm) FLITCH BEAM obsolete under the new timber grading regime.  By using an 8mm Flitch plate which improves the manufacturing cost of a FLITCH BEAM, MiTek has combined the need with necessity.

The new FLITCH BEAM is engineered using MSG 6 or Unverified No. 1 timber members in response to NZS 3603:1993 amendment 4 and the forecasted regional shortages of timber ‘wides’.  The timber grading change also applies to FBL-Light (6mm).
The depth of the 8mm Flitch plate has been increased within the original timber envelope of the FBH-Heavy range.  As a result the span performance of the FBM-Medium FLITCH BEAM over most of the range compares favourably with the FBH-Heavy version.
Therefore, effective immediately the FBH-Heavy FLITCH BEAM is obsolete under the new timber grading regime so you will need the new design manual going forward.  Please check your existing designs or contact your MiTek Fabricator if you need assistance.  MiTek engineering office will also take your calls.


Details of the FBM-Medium and also FBL-Light FLITCH BEAMS are now available in one document. More information available here.

The FLITCH BEAM selection manual can be also mailed on request click here.