What is it? We promise it's not another newsletter. CM RESOURCE is designed to be an efficient, inter- active, invaluable resource for MiTek component manufacturers like you.

Each edition of CM RESOURCE will bring you relevant links to specific information that will be useful to you and your business. And, because we want this to be an interactive resource, CMR will let you quickly and efficiently give us YOUR opinion on a variety of important topics through our regular Survey Feature. When you submit a response, you'll instantly be able to see a complete, current tally of all survey responses.
CM RESOURCE will be fast, effective, and straight to the point - a great combination. And it is delivered directly to your email. We created it because we appreciate the value of your time and the privilege of our business relationships. But most importantly, because we want your business to prosper. Because your success is our success.

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 This page last modified on 5/13/2011