MiTek Australia Releases
MiTek Guide
AUSTRALIA - Architects, designers, building surveyors and builders all would be aware of the need to comply with Australian Standards AS1684.2 Residential Timber-Framed Construction and AS 4440-2004, Installation of nail plated roof trusses, but few would be confident enough to say they fully understand the whole of either document.
AS1684.2 and AS4440–2004 provides the basis for the correct building and construction procedure for all houses in Australia. However these documents are extensive and complex, and not easy to find your way around.
To help builders, designers and building surveyors in the interpretation of these two documents MiTek Australia has released MiTek Guide – a comprehensive 90 page quick reference handbook to assist in the determination of the relevant MiTek fasteners and bracing products which comply with these two standards.
Why do we need The MiTek Guide?
For builders, ensuring the building products they use in the construction of a dwelling meet the desired design criteria for which they are intended is a major concern. Using the wrong or an underrated product can often result in re-work being ordered by building authorities or at worst litigation, both of which can be a major threat to a builder’s financial stability and long term reputation.
One way builders and their suppliers can be certain that they are not compromising the structural integrity of their job is by insisting on using only engineered building products. Reputable suppliers support their products with technical data sheets and can provide engineering assistance should a query be raised at a later date.
The MiTek Guide can be down-loaded from the MiTek website as a user-friendly pdf with hyper-links to MiTek product data sheets and a full range of product drawings in three file formats – dwg, dxf and pdf for easy insertion into plans.