Cost efficient buildings, roof trusses and timber frame

MiTek connector plate roof trusses allow for various cost efficient designs, like to use the gable truss as a timber frame wall. Roof and gable wall in one component.  This cuts down the on site labor time and makes the installation much more easy.


The roof overhang , which has a closed under sight, comes with the trusses right away. No extra on site work or cutting of boards and beams. In this example the roof overhang protects the joint between wall and roof against weather.  


Even in such gable roofs trusses provide extra space for living in the loft area.


Connector plate roof trusses provide the most efficient, low cost and high quality solution for residential houses. Floor, roof and wall in one component. More value, more space for living, less effort, less on site time and finally lower costs.

Gable wall truss-timberf rame