Efficient & high in value like no other building technology

MiTek roof trusses enable you to put a roof on extra large buildings like chicken farms or other agricultural buildings.

The repetitive roof trusses used in such large buildings are quick and easy to manufacture as the set up of the press jig does not change a single time. This provides high production efficiency and low costs.


The installation of such large but repetitive trusses is quick and does not require more than 4 - 5 workers maximum. The trusses are delivered truck load by truck load while the crane swings the trusses in piece by piece as they arrive on site. This is a well timed process, keeping the installation crew busy though not blocking construction space with material storage.


A second crew can start closing the roof while the front crew keeps on installing trusses. This safe on site time and makes the building going up much quicker


You match even tight deadlines. Have the MiTek certified component manufacture delivering just in time to the building site, focusing on a quick & smooth installation only.






Chicken farm trusses