Efficient & high in value like no other building technology

MiTek roof trusses provide a maximum freedom of design. Even complex roof landscapes are quick and easy completed.


Using roof trusses from MiTek certified manufacturers; the entire project becomes much easier. The truss technology provides more efficient and easy to use details for such complex roofs than traditional carpentry. The production time for the trusses is much less than for traditional rafters, plates, dormer beams and other single piece detail timbers. The truss arrives at the building site preassembled, in one piece, ready to be installed immediately.


The MiTek technology provides a simple and efficient technology to do complex and high value roof structures. Traditional carpentry makes such roofs expensive and labor intensive. Roof trusses using MiTek technology are turning this problem into an advantage, providing a quick and efficient solution to realize complex projects at low cost, profitable and setting high quality standards.

Why not doing more complex, high value and profitable roofs, now that the technology is available?




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